Pictura Privacy Policy
In short:
1. We don't want to know anything about your device.
2. We don't want to know anything about you.
1.1 App Functionality
Pictura does all its functionality on your device. No data (images, text or other) leaves your device.
1.2 Analytics
Pictura includes anonymous crashes analytics, so I can quickly fix them.
1.3 App Purchases Privacy
To unlock all Pictura features an In-App purchase is required. We require anonymous data not linked to you to know that you have unlocked Pictura.
1.4 Contact Us
If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at jonathan.benavides@suyai.ch
Pictura Terms of Use
Pictura is a local image upscaling app for macOS that lets you transform anime and general photos with up to 4x their original resolution.
Pictura does not have any guarantees in regards to the accuracy and effectiveness of the functionality in the app. The quality of upscaling can not be 100% perfect in all conditions, even on the highest quality level.
Pro Version
The pro version unlocks all premium features, including super-resolution upscaling, efficient processing, and support for a wide array of image formats. The features that are available in Pro can change over time depending on technical implementation details or for any other reason. Users can purchase licenses for multiple users or a single-user license for personal use.
QuestionsIf you have questions, feature suggestions or bug reports please reach out to jonathan.benavides@suyai.ch.